The docurex® virtual data room

A virtual data room permits the centralized management and archiving of a company’s confidential records and documents. At the same time, it provides different groups of people and bodies with access to this generally confidential data at any time, no matter where they are. These features mean that a virtual data room offers your company a significant competitive edge. Conventional physical data rooms no longer satisfy the demands for an effectively and accessibly connected and globalised economy, be it in M&A processes, when archiving central corporate files or providing a portfolio of documents to a specific group of customers. In contrast, a virtual data room does it all.

Confidential, secure and easy to use

A virtual data room, in effect a digital platform, is ideal for securely storing sensitive and confidential corporate data. At the same time it allows this data to be shared with a precisely defined group of users via a number of web applications. This means that a virtual data room and the data and documents archived and managed within it are accessible at all times, no matter where a user is. Combined with the latest security technology, it ensures both the redundant storage of data and the safeguarded sharing of information within the company as well as outside of its confines. With these features, a virtual data room provides a number of advantages to you and your business partners. Providing a balanced and multi-tiered security concept is in place, a virtual data room increases the security of your critical corporate assets (documents, records, personnel and business data etc.). Moreover, a virtual data room is also capable of boosting the efficiency of your data organisation by facilitating the precise analysis of activities within the data room. This permits the closer monitoring of noticeable erroneous strategic and operational trends and risks.

Virtual data rooms for the shortest transaction times

A virtual data room also enables companies to considerably speed up the processing of business transactions. Shorter transaction times mean a direct cost reduction for you and your customers. This saving can increase further, as in many cases, the outsourcing of corporate data to a virtual data room can make your own IT department redundant. Ultimately, a virtual data room helps to make your company more flexible, as multiple parties can simultaneously access records and documents independently from different locations.

Data and document management

There are many ways to use a virtual data room. In terms of data and document management, it lends itself to the secure storage and archiving of corporate data as well as to integration into existing financial control and documentation systems. Providing precise control over access and usage rights, it also ensures the best protected storage of highly sensitive documents and communications. Virtual data rooms are also notably efficient and profitable wherever it is necessary to oversee and monitor highly sophisticated business processes. Financial control and accounting are just two examples of this, as they need complex volumes of data that is difficult to manage to be processed with precision. A virtual data room is also suited for managing certain types of document portfolios – in real estate, for example – while making them available to customers in a way that is both easy and secure.

The virtual data room for due diligence

Virtual data rooms are frequently used when companies are sold or merged. Usually this requires the preparation and collection of numerous files, documents and records as part of the due diligence process. A virtual data room is able to provide them to potential buyers and their experts for careful examination quickly, independent of their location and in a targeted manner.

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