Preventing data theft

The docurex® Data Room is not just designed to be functional and easy to use, but also to be secure. Data theft is an increasing concern for medium-sized and large enterprises. The rapid advancement of technological possibilities has contributed to making it easier, and faster, to steal documents. You can store and exchange even confidential corporate data with docurex®. If required, docurex® enables you to prohibit printouts of a document. By assigning access rights, you can ensure that only selected staff have access to certain folders. Each access to a folder or document is recorded in a log, making it possible to see which employee accessed which data in case of doubt. By using docurex®, it is possible to share data between divisions, with business partners and third parties rapidly and easily. German companies exercise extreme caution when sharing sensitive documents: industrial espionage has grown steadily in recent years. docurex® has created a way to prevent data theft, allowing a business to focus on its actual core competencies – its work.

Security measures to prevent data theft

Sicherheit im docurex-Datenraum

Security in the docurex® Data Room

The development of docurex® saw special attention given to the prevention of data theft. In today’s version, more than 20 security mechanisms are in place to protect against data theft. The multi-level security system provides for maximum protection. All data room activities are clearly recorded in logs. Encryption prevents the data from being intercepted during transmission. The efficient authorisation concept provides for a definitive assignment of access rights, thereby reducing staff risk factors within a company. docurex® is designed to be a document viewer. The stored documents can only be viewed, but cannot be downloaded or printed out. Freely configurable watermarks are inserted to ensure the unambiguous identification of each PDF file and make it possible to trace unauthorised sharing of documents. Once folders or documents have been located, the watermark identifies the user.

Additional docurex® security features

Data theft is often undertaken using trojans, viruses and worms. When transmitting documents, docurex® scans the network environment. The defence programs are constantly updated and state-of-the-art. Newly created files cannot be lost, thanks to daily backups. If users are to receive one-time access only to the virtual data room, they can be granted one-time authorisation. After logging in to the virtual data room, the user receives a code sent by text message granting one-time access to the data room. This ensures that one-time authorisation granted is not abused. The documents are stored in the docurex® server system, which is located in a secure and high-performance data centre. The high-performance servers are monitored and maintained around the clock to ensure they do not fail. Firewalls and fire safety measures ensure that the stored documents cannot be damaged.

docurex®: The symbiosis of functionality and ease of use

Mit docurex ist Ihre Due Diligence sicher.

With docurex® your due diligence remains safe.

The docurex® virtual online data room boasts versatile functions, while providing users with a tool that is extremely easy to use. The software is practically intuitive, which is why docurex® can be used at all levels of a business. No special knowledge is required, ensuring that it can be used by inexperienced users. docurex® is a virtual data room in which data can be uploaded and managed securely. This is a valuable benefit for internal company documentation, as well as for globalised processes. The permanent and secure storage of documents satisfies legal standards for data storage with ease.

docurex® possesses an unimagined technological potential that has altered the way data rooms are used. Our ten-day free trial period (without obligation) lets you familiarise yourself with this potential for your business and see the advantages of docurex® for yourself! If you would like more information about docurex®, one of our data room consultants would be happy to discuss this with in person.