Over 20 security mechanisms guarantee the maximum security of contracts

A multi-level security system guarantees a high degree of contract security for your transaction. The audit-log records all data room’s activities, strong encryption of all data transfers and an efficient authorization concept is in place. These are just three of over 20 security features.

Application Security

Every transaction in the data room is immutably recorded in order to resume the data when needed.

In addition, for each user of the data room, the level of logging can be defined according to individual requirements .

Secure document display

The “secure document viewer” (also called secure viewer) is a document viewing software developed by docurex®. It is used for users that are not allowed to print or download the documents content. Please contact us to learn more about “secure viewer” and its unique security-features.

Automatically generated watermark

For uniquely identifying each document your files can be marked with a configurable watermark that is generated when viewing the document. The watermark, which is in a special layer of the PDF document , allows tracking of unauthorized transmission of information. Usually both the viewing user and a timestamp are stored as a watermark in the document.


The docurex® data space is backed regularly. All backups will be stored for 30 days.

The administration is universally separated from the user. Only the administrator can change user permissions.

In addition, where necessary, the IP address range of the participants can be restricted upon
accessing the dataroom.

Infrastructure Securtity

Through high-performance redundant servers, firewalls, and fire protection, your data is in safe hands. All docurex® server systems are located in secure data centers in Germany.