Efficient and time-saving –Merger & acquisition transactions with docurex®

Mergers and acquisitions are part and parcel of the business of strong companies the world over. External M&A service providers, like investment banks, auditors and lawyers, also deal frequently with M&A transactions in their work.

Step by step to a takeover

The typical steps in an M&A transaction

Mergers and acquisitions generally follow these steps subject to a plethora of business management regulations:

1) Selection of and approach to a target company, partially with the assistance of an internal Mergers and Acquisitions department or external M&A expert

2) Signing of the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) and letter of intent

3) Due diligence

4) Structuring and M&A transactions based on the results of due diligence

5) Final company valuation and negotiation of the acquisition price

6) Signing of the contract and registration of the acquisition with the responsible competition authority

7) Transfer of ownership after approval from the responsible competition authority and payment of the agreed takeover price


The scope and individual steps of M&A transactions are extremely complex and sophisticated. Successful implementation requires M&A expertise and M&A software capable of recording, reproducing and processing the complexity of mergers and acquisitions in a way that is appropriate and clear. The innovative and safe docurex® Data Room does just this in a straightforward and comprehensive manner.

Execute M&A transactions successfully and securely with docurex®

Make use of the latest merger and acquisition knowledge of data room and M&A experts and rely on docurex® for your M&A transactions! The docurex® online data room makes processes effective and clear in mergers and acquisitions or due diligence investigations, especially processes involving time-consuming and complex examination of business records, large portfolios and patents. docurex® provides the stakeholders and M&A specialists with online access to the information, content and documents they require, which cuts down on travel costs and also speeds up the M&A decision-making processes.

In addition, docurex® provides for a continuous record of all merger and acquisition transactions, logging the content of documents as well as who accessed (and possibly changed) them and when. This is a feature that serves the purposes of informing and documenting as well as ensuring the security of M&A transactions. There is also an option to specify security levels individually for users and documents. Depending on the standard selected, the docurex® security concept thus prevents unauthorised external access to documents and is also able to distinguish between the different access and editing rights assigned to the various users in M&A transactions.

The advantages of docurex® for M&A transactions at a glance

Previously, M&A transactions were associated with high costs relating to structuring and processing in (frequently) multiple software applications – now docurex® makes each step in the M&A process structured, clear and secure. Specific docurex® benefits in M&A include:

  • Straightforward recording and easy structuring of the information and documents required for M&A transactions
  • Ease of management, processing and provision of documents for potential interested parties
  • Extensive support with due diligence processes within M&A transactions
  • Continuous and informative logging of document content, changes and access
  • Comprehensive security concept with the assignment of individual security levels and user rights taking into account continuous monitoring of existing data
Mergers and acquisitions succeed with docurex®

Mergers and acquisitions succeed with docurex®

docurex® has many flexible uses beyond M&A, ranging from general document management to extensive portfolio management – docurex® is one of the most versatile and comprehensive document management software programs available and can be used easily and individually.


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