Preventing industrial and economic espionage

docurex® has made a name for itself in the industry as software that is easy to use, secure and professional. The docurex® Data Room enables medium-sized and large enterprises, as well as small companies that operate globally, to store and share documents and records. This is a major advantage, particularly when selling companies, inviting tenders and managing documents. The assignment of rights makes it possible to allow select groups of staff access to the documents. Often confidential, the contracts can thus only be viewed by people who have been authorised to do so. Designed to be easy to use, the software can be deployed at all levels of a company. Files are stored securely and permanently, satisfying legal standards for data storage with ease.

White-collar crime: A global threat

docurex - sicherer Datenraum für Ihre Dokumente

White-collar crime: a global threat

Espionage and white-collar crime have become an increasingly important topic in German business in recent years: industrial and economic espionage plagues all divisions of companies and public authorities, causing substantial losses each year, both among listed companies as well as small and medium-sized companies (the ‘Mittelstand’) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is hard to put a figure on the total losses suffered throughout Europe. German businesses are especially concerned about their patents and know-how when dealing with companies from Asia – China in particular – and fear that tight German data protection regulations will fail.

docurex® Data Room software was designed for the very purpose of withstanding risks of data theft and espionage. Thanks to its many security measures, outside intruders do not stand a chance of gaining unauthorised access to the docurex® data management system. Internal rights assignment attempts to prevent staff from reading confidential information. The establishment of docurex® has provided companies with the option to share confidential documents with subsidiaries, staff and business partners in a way that is highly secure without needing to fear the risk of espionage. A further security feature of docurex® is that the documents stored there cannot be printed out through the software.

Betrayal is almost impossible – optimum security and optimum functionality

Ihre Dokumente sind sicher

Your documents are safe

docurex® has undergone continuous innovation and upgrades. Tested in live environments over many years, docurex® Data Rooms have been improved to the point that today, the software represents a perfect product with functions that cater to every conceivable requirement. As today’s business is subject to serious threats, such as espionage, the software has been equipped with very special security and reliability features. The multi-level security system delivers maximum protection, regarding transmission and storage of documents. All activities within the data room are recorded in logs (records that cannot be altered) and stored for checking if needed. By assigning specific rights, only selected persons have access to sensitive information. Encryption prevents unauthorised persons from reading the stored data.

Companies using the docurex® document management or data room don’t have to worry about the disclosure of company data and secrets. The Fraunhofer Institute recognises the benefits of docurex® and has issued it with a certificate. The software is so easy to use, that no prior knowledge is required. It can be operated on a purely intuitive basis. docurex® is a veritable all-around software that will make your work easier! It goes without saying that the data room can be set to the user’s language and properly display documents in different characters (e.g. Japanese, Chinese or Cyrillic).

The data room’s versatility taps unimagined possibilities

Mit docurex ist Ihre Due Diligence sicher.

docurex® makes your due diligence safe.

docurex® incorporates a wide range of functions to perform any number of tasks. The software represents a virtual data room, first and foremost, which can be used to share folders and documents irrespective of location or time. Designed for professional use by business and governments, it permits you to rapidly and effectively deal with a project – such as due diligence or an acquisition. As docurex® merely requires a computer or smartphone with internet access, files can be transferred online irrespective of your location or the time of day. All persons involved can access files while transfers are underway, thereby considerably speeding up all activities. It is possible to easily transfer large volumes of data at all times.

docurex® possesses an unimagined technological potential that has altered the way data rooms are used. Our ten-day free trial period (without obligation) lets you familiarise yourself with this potential for your business and see the advantages of docurex® for yourself! If you would like more information about docurex®, one of our data room consultants would be happy to discuss this with you in person.