docurex® – the Document Management System (DMS)

docurex® is a complete document management system. docurex® is fully available online and thus represents an extremely efficient document management system that users can access from all over the world.

docurex® document management and file storage requires no training and can immediately be used as an online data room, just like docurex®. docurex® is very easy to use and has been certified by the Fraunhofer IAO institute. If required, the docurex® DMS provides automatic full-text indexing and assignment of keywords for documents to ensure that all available documents can be quickly located, thereby saving valuable time. docurex® file storage provides additional unique benefits for users who value highly efficient document management: the software is web-based, meaning that docurex® file storage can be used from any computer around the world.

Integrated file storage


The docurex® Frontend

You can continue to work as you always have done after upgrading to a file storage and document management system. The entire interface of the docurex® Data Room is designed for the ultimate in ease of use. Training or instruction is not necessary. You will find your way around the file storage and document management system as easily as you always have. Client software is equally unnecessary, meaning no installs on workstations or notebooks are required. Internet Explorer and an internet connection is all that is needed to use the docurex® Document Management System. This neatly avoids making time-consuming changes on your computer.

Find documents fast!

Document Management with docurex®

Document Management with docurex®

Save time! docurex® automatically adds a full-text index to all documents if required, which enables convenient searches for content in your documents. This convenient search function ensures that you can find relevant documents and texts very quickly. The advanced search function is more than just a “keyword search engine”. You can initiate complex enquiries and download the results as compressed ZIP files to your computer. It couldn’t be easier.

The integrated corporate branding is a special feature. You can adapt docurex® file storage to your company colours, logos, icons and corporate identity. You can also use docurex® in English and German and add further languages to make global access easy.

Flexible, simple, secure

docurex® document management also enables automatic conversion of documents to PDF format in the file storage, meaning that there is no need for other programs or expensive software. Additional security features for PDF documents can be enabled at any time. On top of this, all PDF documents in the file storage can be furnished with an electronic watermark, facilitating clearly defined identification of users and access to files. The export function lets you download all documents in the file storage to an external drive, a simple process, accomplished within seconds. The document management system also provides the option to download the files in the file storage “en masse”.

docusync is another module, and a vital component of both the file storage and document management systems. The module ensures that folder structures are imported to the data room and can also reproduce fully identical folder and document structures with several million files in the docurex® Data Room

Secure: audit trail

Accurate analysis of access by all stakeholders provides an optimum overview. The docurex® system also features an integrated continuous log, making more than just document management a simple matter. Naturally only personnel with the corresponding authorisations can view all system logs.

A complete audit trail that cannot be modified records all changes to documents, ensuring maximum security. This enables you to understand changes to documents and files and see who accessed certain documents at any time. Logging levels can therefore be specified for all personnel involved with docurex® to accommodate every conceivable requirement.

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