docurex® in your data centre

In addition to the hosted version (Software as a Service), you can also run docurex® in your own data centre with the docurex® Datacenter Edition. This is particularly expedient if you want to utilise existing infrastructures or are required to observe certain compliance standards.

The Datacenter Edition of docurex® always comes with all existing features and modules, equivalent to the docurex® Enterprise hosted version . Apart from including all the security features of docurex®, it can also include optional full-text indexing to enable searches within documents. You can see which modules are featured in the Enterprise version of docurex® here.

Licensing models

Two licensing models are available to permanently operate the “Datacenter White Label” version of docurex® in your business: subscription license and purchased license.

The subscription license provides you with full flexibility in managing docurex® Data Rooms. There is no limit to the number of data rooms (each corresponding to one client) you can configure. We count the number of clients on a regular basis and issue a monthly invoice. That way you pay only for your actual use of docurex®. It’s recommended if you intend to operate just one or a few data rooms.

With a purchased license, you obtain a license from docurex® as you would when buying any conventional software. You can create as many users and manage as many documents as you like. The sky’s the limit.

Please contact our Sales Team for more information about docurex® Datacenter White Label or Datacenter Black Box. We will be happy to help.