Secure and straightforward – manage property and portfolios online

Whether you have a commercial real estate portfolio, confidential personnel files, customer or order data – in light of innovative document management systems, like docurex®, basic offline storage and archive solutions should now be a thing of the past. Modern property and portfolio management requires so much more than a virtual filing cabinet.


Manage property effectively and successfully with docurex®

Easy to use, tidy and with flexible structuring options – just three of the many advantages that make docurex® the document management system of choice for property and portfolio management. Using the concept of collecting, reproducing and editing portfolio data and records online, docurex® users are able to access any documents for a real estate portfolio worldwide. Against the backdrop of an increasingly globalised real estate industry, this is a major advantage over other property management systems.


docurex® also provides numerous functions that allow you to compile extensive and detailed property portfolios. From property brochures with accompanying image files, construction documents, copies of energy performance certificates to correspondence with tenants, service providers and insurers, docurex® records and archives everything tidily. It also maintains a continuous log that covers more than just the portfolio content. Access and changes to files are recorded in detail. This makes property and portfolio management transparent and straightforward, while also safeguarding portfolio documents and users against unauthorized changes.


Secure and flexible property and portfolio management

Precise and complete recording in portfolio management is a key component in the docurex® security concept. Its intelligent protective system to prevent to cyber espionage is another component of docurex® portfolio management. In addition, you can define individual security levels and user rights for each docurex® user and every single portfolio document, ensuring that confidential matters stay confidential. This provides security while also enabling flexibility, which most document management programs do not provide.


In conclusion: docurex® for property and portfolio management

docurex® is the right choice if you are looking for an intelligent and user-friendly property and portfolio management system. Developed by data room and portfolio management experts, docurex® provides a custom framework for projects in portfolio and property management, and gives special priority to content and security. Equipped with extensive functions, authorised docurex® users can access, edit, expand and download portfolio documents collected and prepared online.


Among its many advantages, the docurex® management system offers users:

  • Editing of portfolio documents, such as those used in property management
  • An extensive and flexible security concept that enables user rights to be assigned individually to users and documents
  • • A continuous and informative record of document content, changes and access
  • Upgrades for specific portfolio management tasks
  • A sophisticated and detailed search function
  • Full text indexing for established file formats, like Word, Excel, TXT, PDF and HTML
  • Intuitive property and portfolio management without the need for software installation

Although docurex® is very intuitive to work with, thanks to its user-friendly design, it goes without saying that the innovative document and portfolio management system also features personal customer service. It can be accessed via an online contact form with callback and on a land line number, and is on hand to answer your questions and concerns about document and portfolio management at any time!

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