Easy – with certified usability

Its excellent usability is what sets docurex® apart in addition to its innovative and comprehensive range of functions and security concept.

Well thought out, secure and flexible – ease of use is guaranteed

docurex® is happy to provide training and comprehensive instruction manuals on request. However, they are not required thanks to the intuitive design of the software. Tailored to the knowledge and experience of the average user, the innovative docurex® software ensures secure and convenient document management from the first glimpse of its well-thought-out document filing system.

The simple user interface of docurex® is mainly based on the well-known Explorer functions of the Windows operating system, which influence the design of the docurex® dashboard and provide for intuitive usability. This very simple operability and user-friendliness has even been confirmed and certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO).


“Simply easy” online as well

Today’s working environment has fully arrived online, and with it the tasks of document management. Naturally, docurex® has recognised this development and with online availability provides its users with a very efficient and flexible document management system. However, docurex® still remains true to its “ease of use” principle. The same thus applies online: use it instead of learning it, with intelligent document management solutions.

These include:

  • Web-based data storage with optional full-text indexed, automatic search for keywords for ease of use and fast, time-saving location of documents worldwide
  • No client software is required, which means you do not need to install software to use docurex®. All that you need is an internet connection and a PC with a standard browser.
  • Ease of use by using a standard browser (e.g. Internet Explorer), which is typically installed on every PC.
  • Ease of use and performance of complex search requests similar to popular search engine filters
  • Personalise it with easily configured settings, such as colour, language, integration of corporate branding (for example, by inserting your corporate logo)
  • In addition, the integrated export function in docurex® gives users the option to download documents in the online data storage “en masse” with a few mouse clicks.

Easily use and understand docurex® worldwide

docurex® does not just rely on users’ knowledge; docurex® wants to understand its users. To ensure this, the docurex® Data Room is available in several languages and, thanks to language components that integrate with a simple mouse click, speaks the language of its respective users. Thus, with its ease of use, docurex® substantially enables and assists with global collaboration in document management.

With useful functions and interfaces to other programs, such as an integrated PDF converter, documents are not only child’s play to manage, but you can also generate them without additional costly software. Again, ease of use and excellent functionality are paramount for docurex®. For example, in just a few steps you can provide PDF documents with an electronic watermark and additional security features. These features are available in a clearly arranged form and are also simple to select.

Easy to operate – and secure

Although ease of use and exceptional functionality are the key benefits of docurex® document management software, this does not come at the expense of security aspects. On the contrary. Ease of use remains an important prerequisite to ensure that docurex® users can better understand as well as configure and use its security features. They include:

  • An exact and continuous log of access activities and operations
  • Easy assignment of user rights, which means that unauthorised persons are unable to access blocked modules and functionalities, as they are not even displayed
  • Auditability and unalterable documentation of every single change made in the data room
  • Customisable logging levels and content

docurex® for you in your company

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